In a-4bw won’t connect to internet

After several hours of connection attempts, I was able to connect to my router; however, had to use my guest SSiD as the unit was unable to connect to my primary SSID for some reason. This said, it is NOT able to access the internet according to the status icon. Any help is appreciated. Also, is there a support number I could call?

Is your primary SSID a 2.4GHz wifi (Internet available)? Does it have a limit on the number of connected devices?
Please understand that the IBBQ-4BW can only connect via 2.4GHz wifi.
Please check the router settings:
Wireless protocol: 802.11 b/g/n, cannot be set to 11n only;
Security mode: WPA/WPA2
Authentication type: AES

If you disconnect the IBBQ-4BW from the guest SSID and place the IBBQ-4BW next to the primary SSID to connect, will the connection work?


Yes on 2.4.
No limit, and this is the only device on that SSiD
Will check on settings.
Not working on the primary .

Any other thoughts?


Trey Mebane

I contacted the engineers and they replied that maybe you could also check if there are restrictions on the router settings, if it is blacklisted, if VPN/firewall is turned on, if there is signal interference around the router, etc

With respect to the blacklist, I do have the ability to whitelist URLs. Could you please provide me the URL or IP which needs to be accessed?

The IBBQ-4BW has a MAC address.
Please connect it to the app via the guest SSID and then you can check the MAC address via app -IBBQ-4BW - more in the top right corner. It can be whitelisted.

I need the link to the new app for iPhone 11 Pro Max I have the ibbq-4bw

If there is a problem with the WIFI connection of IBBQ-4BW, please refer to this post: