Q: How to use a custom schedule to control the heater? I want to set the heater when it is less than 21C, and turns the heater on from 7 am to 11 pm every day

A: 1. Use Inkbird Smart to link to your ITC=308.

If App installed ITC-308 successfully, the current temperature will be shown on the screen within a circle, the SV (is the Setting temperature Value.

  1. You can plug your portable into the HEATING outlet and if the current temperature < SV>

  2. You can change the value of SV at any time through your cell phone.

The above condition will be executed on 24/7 but if you want to turn down the temperature while you sleep, you need to use the Smart feature.

Before we use Smart, there are some points we need to know.

The probe will sense the room temperature, but it is usually higher than the actual room temperature, so you need to adjust it by using the SV a bit higher too.

  1. When using the Valid Time Period in Smart, Automation, carry out the following actions, be aware the time may not be correct. For example, the Vancouver Canada time is GMt-8 but because of summertime saving adjustment, it is actually GMT–7. O you need to reflect this in the Valid Time Period by adding extra one hour to the actual time.

  2. There are some options available in the SETTING but not in SMART, for example, Heating Difference Value and Colling Difference Value are not available in SMART.

  3. The values in SMART will change the values in SETTING, but the other way around.

  4. The Current Temperature + Heating Difference Value < SV>

  5. SV in SETTING is the same as the value of Temperature Set Value (TS) in SMART.

The advantage of using the WIFI model is that you can change the SV anywhere in the world, but if you want to turn heater on and off at different time then you also need the WIFI model.

Below is my experiment to set up 2 time periods to turn my portable heater on and off. I want to set the heater when it is less than 21C, the turns the heater on from 7 am to 11 pm every day.

  1. Press the Smart

  2. Automation

Create a schedule for day (For example give Room 1 Day)

  1. Any condition is met, Temperature Unit Switch: C, High Temp. Alarm: off, Low Temp. Alarm: off

  2. Carry out the following actions: Temperature unit Switch: C, High Temperature value: 45, Low Temperature Value: - 12, Setting Temperature Value: 23 (This will be SV value shown on the cell phone screen), Temperature Calibration: 0.0

  3. Valid time Period 6–22 by using Customized for every day, City is Vancouver. This is how you control your portable using a schedule.

Create a schedule for night (For example, give Room 1 Night)

Use all the same steps as the Day schedule other than the following steps:

a. Setting Temperature Value: 17.

b.Valid Time Period 23:30 – 5:30 next day repeats this every day.

In Scene, execute Room 1 Day and Room 1 night.